Fibre Optic

We deliver industry standard, high quality fibre optics components.

Our proven expertise and experienced engineer provide solutions as required in Outside/Inside Plant, vertical links and Fibre To The Home (FTTH)

Our fibre component includes

Multimode (OM2, OM3, OM4) and Single mode (OS2) systems. Large range of Fiber optic Cables for indoor and outdoor applications
Modular connectivity range ( patch panels - Wall Boxes - pigtails – patch cords…) adapted to LAN Data Center or Telecom applications.
Pre-terminated solutions (Fiber links, MTP/MPO systems, FAC, ready to splice patch panels…)

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Solutions For DATACENTER

We offer fiber optic and copper solutions to meet the requirements of very high density which are encountered in most Data Centers, Telecom and also LAN environments.

Our solutions includes AWG26 CAT6A cables and trunks, Angled patch panels, Specific high density cabinets, LED Identification patch cords ( FO and Copper)